Bring Your Own Device


​The college uses the latest technology available to manage and control BYOD (Bring You Own Device), now making it possible to ‘On-board’ devices even before a student turns up for school and allowing us on certain devices to ‘Advertise’ Software and Apps; or to have them available for selection onto a students device.

The new technology is called BYOxLink and it allows students to connect to the Department of Educations (DoE) BYO Portal. The BYO Portal also handles the licensing of Microsoft Suite products like Office 2016\2019 and other integrated products including OneDrive and OneNote. Software and Apps used by specific year levels can also be ‘Pushed’ to the 'Company Portal' (an app you install when 'On-boarding') that delivers these Apps and has important account information for your student(s).

These advancements make managing BYOD devices easy and allow resources to be accessed faster when students first arrive.

The college offers access to BYO to all students 'Fee Free' making it an accessible option for parents and students using a compatible device.

Which devices can I use for B​YO​?

Whilst most devices will be compatible for use as a BYO device, a few precautions should be followed to ensure that your student gets the best possible experience. Using the information below, you can easily see if an iPad (Apple only, Android tablets or Chromebooks are not supported) or the laptop (Windows or Apple OSx) you already have at home will work or to have a guide when buying a new one; keeping in mind the age of the student and the subjects they are studying. ​As of 2023, it is recommended that Year Level 5 - 7 students consider choosing Apple iPads as their BYO Device of choice, in order to achieve the most compatibility with the curriculum, both next year, and moving forward as they progress to future years. 


For the majority of classwork a student will do, an Apple iPad will be your go to device. These compact tablet computers feature Touch screens, long battery life, a variety of cases for everyones taste and with applications for every phase of learning an iPad will become your students best classroom companion.

Apple iPad
Operating System version:
Apple iOS 13.0 and later, or

Apple iPadOS 13.0 and later​


64Gb or above
​Screen size
10" + screen
Battery life
6-7 hrs (Full day of class work)
* Devices should be brought to school fully charged.
Charging facilities are not available for student use.

​Protective Case - Preferably one that offers protection to the device.
  • Keyboard cases offer advantages to students in creating content and also assist in protecting the device.


Prior to the boom of iPads, laptops were the classroom 'Go to' and they still are for students undertaking subjects with higher demands like Computer Aided Design (CAD), specialised Visual Arts and programming-based ICT subjects.

Microsoft Windows
Apple OSx
Operating System version
​Windows 11 & Windows 10​​
​macOS 10.15 and later

​Memory (RAM)
​8Gb and above
​Storage (HDD)
​256Gb (Solid State Drive preferable) and above
​Processor (CPU)
​​​Intel processor up to 4.1Ghz\ i5 \ or similar speed AMD
​Screen size
​11.6 > 13" screen with Built-in Webcam
Battery life
6-7 hrs (Full day of class work)
* Devices should be brought to school fully charged.
Charging facilities are not available for student use.
​Case\Bag - Preferably one that offers protection to the device inside

​Please do not buy Microsoft Office for your students device. It is provided free to students and can be installed on Windows and Apple devices. For more information, please see the Productivity Software section below.

*Android Tablets

Please be aware that due to the Android OS having 'Limited support' for 'Proxy Awareness to all Android APPs', the college will no longer be supporting devices running Android OS as part of our BYOD program. These devices have been short-term to date connected to an alternate network, but long-term arrangements should be made to utilise more compatible devices as this network will not exist past mid 2022.

How to connect to the B​YOD​ network?

For this to occur as quickly and as simply as possible, a number of Video and PDF guides have been developed for students and parent\guardians to follow at home (see below). Students who require additional support in switching over to the new BYOxLink are encouraged to visit the respective IT areas of their campuses, please see below "Things to do before bringing the BYO Device to school".

On-boarding @ Home (Preferred met​hod)

Microsoft Windows                   

Apple Mac OSx                           

Apple iOS (iPads)                       

The BYOD Responsible Use Agreement form is available below and is still required to be completed prior to connection to the scheme. Students who are participating in the scheme and who have not completed a form, will be followed up on and a completed form will need to be submitted.

A signed copy of page 13 of this form is required each year as it is the students agreement to the school to follow the rules set out in the BYOD Charter. 

On-boarding @ School (Alternate method)*

Students who wish to connect their devices at school or who are unable to do so at home, can come and see ICT staff according to the times below or can visit the new Student homepage 'Student Hub' at for the same information.

P-9 Campus - IT Window shared with Payments

Before and after school, and breaks when permitted or,

Prep - Year 3

Parents advise your classroom teacher that the device needs to be connected to BYOxLink. The teacher will then notify IT who will attend the classroom to assist. Please make sure that the 'Passcode' to unlock the device is provided with the device and that it is fully charged; otherwise IT staff may have to contact you to confirm these or may have to schedule an appointment to connect the device when your present.

10-12 Campus - Pathways Library

Before and after school, and breaks when permitted or,

Pathways Library near photocopiers at 1pm daily

If your student requires assistance in connecting their device, then please make sure that they come to school with the following done; so that teachers and IT staff can assist them properly.

Things to do before bringing the BYO device to school

Before a BY​OD device is 'On-boarded' (Connected to the College's network) using the 'Alternate Method' it is important that the device is in a state that allows it to be connected with the least amount of issues.

The following is required as a bare minimum in order for the device to be connected:-

All devices

  • Student know the password or passcode to unlock the device
  • Charged
    • Students are presently not allowed to charge their devices at school

Windows & Apple OSx devices (Laptops)

  • Have an account to install Apps
    • Must be a user type that is allowed to install applications and join networks.
      • If it does not have this, and you wish to keep the restrictions in place then please use the 'On-boarding @ Home (Preferred met​hod)' instructions above.
  • All sytem and updates completed.


Once the above has been done for your students device type, it can be brought along to any of the Colleges on-boarding sessions, and our Colleges helpful IT staff will assist your student in getting their device connected and working seamlessly between school and home.

Productivity Software

Windows 10 Education edition - Free for Students

Students have access to download a copy of 'Windows 10 Education edition' for free using the link below. Students will need to use their school email address to do so.

Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office is available free for students. For more information and instructions on how to install the software please visit The learning place page.

Mobile Devices

Students utilising an iPad (Apple - iOS) or Tablet device (Android OS) in Years 3-12 are required to ensure that their device has had the Microsoft Productivity suite apps installed for their device; as iPads and Tablet devices are considered 'Complimentary devices'. The Microsoft Productivity suite apps are available for free from each devices 'App Store'. For your convenience, please find below a PDF with the list of Apps and links to download them.

iPad applications

Students in Prep to Year 2 and Italian Emersion will use applications included in the following documents on iPads during class. Please ensure that these apps are installed on your students own BYOD iPad so that they will be able to fully engage in all the classroom activities. 

Last reviewed 29 November 2022
Last updated 29 November 2022