The College reveals a symbolic physical environment in the form of a circular architectural spine that depicts the “Circle of Life Long Learning”. This architectural spine begins its journey with the Preparatory Precinct and continues through to the Lodge Precinct, Villa Precinct and then to the Terrace Precinct. During Year 10 our students progress to the Urban Learning Centre, which is located between the Shopping Centre and the Aquatic Centre of North Lakes Retail Precinct. The main infra-structural buildings are built on the Main Campus site along a cross sectional architectural spine. Dual pathway systems and multiple access points enable the Junior Campus to be separate from, but relational to, the Middle School campus, thus achieving the economies of single point provision and servicing. In essence, North Lakes State College provides a seamless provision of curriculum from Prep to Year 12 through a three phase multiple site complex that matures in design to facilitate the delivery of age appropriate pedagogies.

Early Phase Learner

Preparatory Year (Cottage Precinct)

The journey for the life long learner at North Lakes State College begins with our preparatory program, which is accommodated at the beginning of our Life Long Learner Cycle. Four homely air-conditioned Cottages have been refurbished to reflect the teaching pedagogy of the young learner. These facilities externally include - areas for social gathering, an undercover walkway, outdoor wet areas, an equipment store and a grass area with a playground and sandpit. Each cottage is internally equipped with a student size kitchen, toilets, a variety of carpeted areas and a bag rack area.

Year One (Cottage Precinct)

Students are promoted from the home/school transitional environment of the Preparatory Precinct into the air-conditioned Cottage Precinct. These differ slightly to the Prep buildings in that there are small alcoves for small group activities.

Year Two and Three (Lodge Precinct)

Year 2 and 3 students enjoy the lodges, which are located by the cottage precinct. These buildings are grouped in 4 learning areas and surround a shared air-conditioned computer lab. All have external toilets and storerooms incorporated into the building and a shared art area in between.

Middle Phase Learner

Years Four, Five and Six (Villa and Bendigo Precinct)

Students from Years 4 to 6 are located in Learning Villas within the Villa Precinct. Villas have two large class teaching spaces, which can be separated into individual classrooms by concertina doors, or opened up to form an open learning area. A number of small versatile rooms designed for technology, teacher preparation and tuition branch off the main teaching areas. A multi-purpose kitchen and wet area exists in each Villa and is shared between the two classes. All Villas are linked by a covered walkway and connect to the Villa Court. From time to time there may be specific times where certain classes are housed elsewhere within the Campus.

Years Seven, Eight and Nine (Terrace Precinct)

Our middle school complex is a more mature complex with four classrooms (PODs) encompassing a shared central Computer Lab. The facilities have been developed to give students the opportunity to access a variety of specialised teaching and learning areas to assist in their senior school subject choices.

These are: Science Laboratories, Art, Business Enterprise, Food Technology, Dance, Robotics and Industrial Design.

Senior Phase Learner

Year 10, 11 and 12

The Urban Learning Centre

The Urban Learning Centre is located on the corner of Little Burke Street and North Lakes Drive. This State of the Art centre caters to the needs of our Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12 students. The Urban Learning Centre is focused on providing all students with a pathway to a sucessful future.The Senior School is an annex to the main College site and is linked by both data and phone in order to operate as a single entity.

Facilities complementing the senior curriculum include Hospitality, Industrial Design, Food Technology, Technology, Creative Arts, Science and Physics.

Performing Arts Complex

This state of the art building houses the highly successful drama, dance and music section of our college where our students are encouraged to explore their gifts and talents in Music, Dance and Drama.  


Under the Building Education Revolution scheme, North Lakes State College has extended a small indoor facility into a large multi purpose and sporting complex that includes:

  • A rebound floor marked for Basketball and Volleyball
  • Wind-down backboards
  • Two full height dividing curtains
  • Two annexed classrooms for HPE theory classes
  • A central HPE/Sport staffroom
  • Large storage spaces
  • A sprung time performance stage
  • Dressing rooms
  • An external stage; accessed through an aircraft hanger door
  • Audio visual, sound and lighting equipment

The stadium is an iconic building, visible from all points within the Main campus. It seats 1200 from formal occasions and enjoys the luxury of flow through ventilation.

Last reviewed 12 October 2022
Last updated 12 October 2022