Middle school


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Middle Phase

During the Middle Phase of Learning, students begin to investigate the larger world beyond home and school and need to develop as autonomous learners. Students in the Middle Phase of Learning have distinctive and diverse needs which stem from the very significant developmental changes in this period. The Middle Phase of Learning falls into two distinct stages and this is reflected at North Lakes in our two Middle Phase Sub Schools, Years 4-6 and Years 7-9

Lower Middle Phase – Years 4-6

The Lower Middle Phase involves the transition from the early foundational years. Students need to consolidate the foundations of literacy and numeracy that they gained in the early phase of learning and develop more sophisticated skills to enable further learning in each subject area. This is a time of expanding curiosity and eager exploration of a broader and deeper range of learning experiences. The Lower Middle Phase Sub School uses an Inquiry Based Learning pedagogy.  Inquiry is based on the belief that understanding is constructed through the process of people working and conversing together. Through this shared activity they pose and solve problems, make discoveries and rigorously test the findings.

Students have the opportunity to engage in the key learning areas of English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, The Arts, Italian, Health and Physical Education and Technology. Specialist teachers deliver the lessons in HPE, Dance, Drama, Visual Art, Music and Italian.  

Junior Secondary – Years 7-9

The Junior Secondary Phase is characterised by the demands of the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of early adolescence. There is considerable diversity in how and when students move through this stage and in the impact on their attitude to and success in learning. Increasing literacy and numeracy skills and knowledge are the essential ingredients for learning in every subject and for effective communication and participation in adult life. It is essential to maintain students' interest and motivation and provide opportunities for them to continue to engage to fully prepare them for the senior phase of learning.

Students in Years 7,8 and 9 have a core group of teachers who deliver Maths, Science, English History and Geography, and have specialist teachers who deliver elective studies in The Arts, Technology, Business Studies, HPE and Italian. Having a small number of teachers who provide instruction in foundation areas and pastoral care at the beginning of the day ensures students have a support person they can identify with immediately. Each year level has a Year Level Coordinator who also provides support for students and a contact person for parents.

Last reviewed 05 August 2022
Last updated 05 August 2022