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Vocational education

For Students 

Students who wish to undertake a VETiS course need to be fully aware that they can only undertake one VETiS course that is funded under the VETiS stream list. The qualifications that have been listed by industry as leading to employment are only of a Certificate I or II level in specific key skill shortage areas (
Students need to indicate their interest by contacting the Senior Schooling HOD or VET Manager to investigate options, qualifications and pre-qualified suppliers (QPS). The QPS needs to ensure the student is fully informed of the course duration, breakdown of costs and funding received through VETiS and employment outcome. The School RTO cannot access the VETiS funding.
In some cases the QPS may have additional costs outside the subsidy provided under VETiS funding. This is a shortfall between the subsidy level and the fees charged by the QPS. If this were to occur Students need to be fully aware that in undertaking this QPS they will receive an invoice from NLSC to cover any cost incurred in undertaking a VETiS course with this QPS.

Steps interested Students should take:

  1. Contact the Senior Schooling HOD or VET Manager,
  2. View VETiS Stream List for a qualification they are interested in
  3. Ensure SET Plan reflects pathway,
  4. Once decided on a qualification refer to the supplied QPS list from Senior School HOD and VET Manager,
  5. Investigate QPS supplier and ensure all fees are known up front and happy with duration of course study,
  6. Notify Senior School HOD or VET Manger of chosen QPS and Qualification, and
  7. Undertake enrolment with the chosen QPS supplier for the Qualification chosen.