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A bright future

Our ability to understand emotions, in ourselves and others, and to deal effectively with people and problems in a way that develops collaborative effort, enhances life-balances and produces creative, positive and productive energy is what we call Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional intelligence, as well as academic intelligence, is now understood to be the essential ingredient in building a successful and brighter future for our students. Therefore, at the very essence of our college mission lays the importance of developing in each child their emotional and academic intelligence. We believe that this is a critical key to success and hopefully, a better world.

It is our aim to awaken and nurture each child's emotional and intellectual intelligence, through our curriculum offerings and pedagogical practices as well as our extra curricular offerings so that they become empowered to achieve their potential, their aspirations as well as become a vital member of our society

To embed this belief within our college all students engage in a well planned and sequenced set of innovative college curriculum programs implemented through modern pedagogical practices. To support this implementation our teachers plan in teams so that good practices are shared, standards and common assessment tasks are set, quality is achieved and the needs of individual students are catered for in a supportive environment. This classroom curriculum is supported by a huge selection of extra curricular activities and a pastoral care program which assists each child to explore their talents, interests and abilities as well as assist each child to develop emotionally.