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BYOD - Changes to BYOD and On-boarding Sessions - 2019


BYOD changes - 2019

In 2019 the college will be utilising a new BYOD solution which promises to improve on the benefits of the previous year. Please remember that a signed BYOD participation agreement is required to be received prior to each student having their devices connected. We will have these forms available during the 'On-boarding sessions' held from next week onwards.

As we will be utilising a new solution, there may be some slight issues\delays to begin with; but hope that these are minimal and very minor and should not impact your students ability to connect on any day that they attend to have their devices connected. Students who have previously had their devices connected will need to have their devices connected to the new solution, but this can occur once school returns should you choose to as we will be operating a 'Grace period' to move them over to it.

Please be aware that we will be unable to on-board devices for students if a Responsible Use Agreement form has not been submitted and payment for the scheme has not been made. Once payment is made it typically takes 24 - 48 hours before we can successfully on-board devices.

On-boarding sessions

The college will be running on-boarding sessions daily throughout the beginning of the next school term (Term 1, 2019) to ensure that participating students can get their devices connected, and will be run by the Colleges IT Staff.

These sessions are held as follows:-

21-23 January, 2019 (Week before school commences)

P-9 Campus

Experiential Centre - EC22, 23 & 24 -- 1:00-2:30pm

Sessions will be held in three spaces and will be run to specifically cater for:-

  • EC22 - Windows devices
  • EC23 - Apple Mac devices (Mac OSx & iOS)
  • EC24 - Android devices and Password resets

Term 1, 2019 (29th January, 2019 onwards)

P-9 Campus

Prep - Year 3 - Cottage 4

1st Break (11:15 - 11:50am)

Year 4-9 - EC23 (Computer Labs)

2nd Break (1:00 - 1:30pm)

10-12 Campus

Year 10 - Year 12 - Senior Campus Library

2nd Break (1:00 - 1:30pm)

We look forward to helping your students connect and make use of this wonderful resource in the near future.

Things to do before bringing the BYOD device to school

Before a BYOD device is On-boarded (Connected to the College's network) it is important that the device is in a state that allows it to be connected with the least amount of issues.

The following is required as a bare minimum in order for the device to be connected:-

  • iPads
    • Charged
    • Not restricted - able to be connected to join networks
    • Preferably have an AppleID so it is able to install Apps including the 'Microsoft Office Suite' Apps (Years 3-12 require this if an iPad is being used in these grades)
  • Android Tablets
    • Charged
    • Not restricted - able to be connected to join networks
    • Preferably have an Google PlayStore ID so it is able to install Apps including the 'Microsoft Office Suite' Apps (Years 3-12 require this if an Android tablet is being used in these grades)
  • Windows and Apple devices
    • Charged
    • Setup with a user account - Must be a user type that is allowed to install applications and join networks.

If this can be done prior to attending on the day you choose, it will ensure that your students device can easily and quickly be connected and ready for use this year.

Parents are advised that some computer suppliers will still try and sell you a copy of the 'Microsoft Office Suite' when purchasing your devices. We remind you that you can install a free copy to your Windows or Apple devices for free and that free Apps are available for Apple iOS and Android tablets.

Further information on this and other BYOD related topics are located under our BYOD Section here