Student Leadership


The very essence of leadership is that you need to have vision. You can not blow an uncertain trumpet.
Theodore Hersburgh.



North Lakes State College offers students across the phases of learning a number of leadership opportunities. Students in years 6,-12 have the opportunity to apply for the positions of College Leader. In Year 12 we also elect a College Captain and two Vice Captains.

Applications for Year 6 and Year 12 positions are called for at the end of the year for the start of the next year. For Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 applications are called for towards the end of the first semester and leadership positions run for a year starting at Semester two.
Students are required to complete an application form and may need to complete an interview with administration staff. College Captain applicants compelte an application and are interviewed by a panel. Shortlisted applicants have to present a speech to their peers and teachers and students vote to determine the outcome.  

A formal Leadership induction for the college student leaders occurs in the beginning of term 1 each year.


The school leaders undertake a number of activities during the course of the year including fundraising for the College's World Vision sponsored children, organzing and running the Senior formal, a Year 10 dance, College P - 9 Disco, and organizing the care packages for charity.



To prepare students for the positions of leadership in Year 12, all year 11 students participate in Leadership Days. The school works intensively with students on these days helping them to understand the role of a leader and the many types of leaders. Students participate in activites which enable them to assess their group dynamics and to consider the type of leader they wish to be. Students discuss how they could make positive changes in the college and the community as a leader.


Student leaders are an important part of the College culture in which their knowledge and skills are developed but their voice is heard. They have helped embed the values and expectations of students at North Lakes State College by modeling exemplary conduct and attitudes relating to all areas of the College.


To read the Student Leadership Constitution and access forms, click here