From our Executive Principal


The vision of North Lakes State College is to inspire our students to dream and succeed now and in the future.
Our entire community contributed to the development of our vision statement and it guides my work as Executive Principal, every day. In the pages below I present to you the physical resources that will support your child through their learning journey at North Lakes; however, my commitment on behalf of the staff at our College, is to nurture each student’s belief in themselves to achieve and create with them, a pathway for their future.

North Lakes State College is one of the most innovative master planned Prep to Year 12 Colleges built within the State government's Clever Skilled Creative Queensland.
While North Lakes State College's outcomes could generally be described as being at or above the nation; the real quality assurance for students and parents is the College's Australasian Schools Accreditation.  In 2012, the College undertook almost a year of review, gathering feedback from all parents, students and staff.  The collated feedback prompted the College to address issues identified by parents, staff and students and celebrate those elements of the College culture that they applauded.
The accreditation process has enabled the College to take the step from Good School to Great School.

Fully established, the College now comprises all three phases of learning, overarched by our College vision. Our P-12 school organisation provides a seamless acceleration through learning, for our students. The curriculum blueprint for learning at North Lakes State College allows learners to continuously build upon their knowledge and skills without the interruptions that can occur through clumsy transitions.

This continuity of learning in an environment of high expectations is evident across all facets of student life at North Lakes State College and enables students to attain excellent levels of achievement. These academic achievements cannot be attained without the complementary experiences of extra curricula activities. The College is justly proud of the extensive array of  these activities; Dance Troupe, Roboclub, Signature programs in Golf and Soccer, Choirs, Bands and Ensembles ,Italian  Immersion Debating, Public Speaking, an Outdoor Education program and more.

The College is renowned for a nurturing literacy and numeracy focused Preparatory Year and Junior School, a inquiry based Lower Middle School, an intellectually challenging and developmentally appropriate Upper  Middle School and an innovative real world Urban Learning; Senior School. The emphasis on continued review and evaluation of learning at North Lakes State College, places both teachers and students well for the continued implementation of the National Curriculum, under the auspice of the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority.

While the four sub schools provide the smaller environment necessary to allow every child to be valued as an individual, our commitment to the sequential building block approach to education maximises learning outcomes for students.

The timely master planning of an urban community such as North Lakes, the truly visionary development of a world class learning environment at North Lakes State College within the State government's Toward Q2 targets for smart and healthy Queenslanders, has afforded us a unique opportunity to reconceptualise schooling.

Our learning environment within the support and safety of the North Lakes community places our students well to expand their learning globally!

Early and Middle phase learning at North Lakes State College has a symbolic and highly functional physical environment featuring a circular architectural spine that depicts the "Circle of Life Long Learning". A series of precincts around this circle provides learning environments that mature from homely cottages to more traditional classroom styles and finally into university style senior schooling facilities within the neighbouring senior school's Urban Learning Centre.




The College's state-of-the-art facilities have been physically designed to facilitate the delivery of age appropriate teaching and learning.

The journey for the life long learner at North Lakes State College begins with our Preparatory year program which is located at the beginning of our circle.

Four homely Cottages define our Preparatory Year Precinct where we can cater for our youngest students.

These Cottages provide a transitional environment from home to school for the young learner with student size kitchens, great home corners, comfy lounges, ensuited toilets and inviting outdoor learning areas.




From the Preparatory Precinct, students move to the Year 1 Cottages that also reflect a homely feel but introduce the students to the more open play spaces of the Cottage Precinct. Ensuited Cottages provide added safety and convenience for our learners.


Our Year 2 and 3 students remain in a nurturing environment but are introduced to the more formal classroom design of the Lodges which are characterised by vast art and drama areas and technology labs.


In Year 4 and 5 students progress to the Learning Villas within the Villa Precinct. The Villas and Villa Precinct provide very flexible learning environments for the delivery of a very active and diverse curriculum for our Year 4 and 5 students including creation in the art areas, design in the computer pods and gourmet adventures in the kitchens. The Cottage and Villa Courts and the Piazza provide valuable presentation areas for learning celebrations that are at the heart of the College's curriculum.


Our emerging adolescents - Years 7 to 9 enjoy the unique facility of the Terrace Precinct. The Terraces provide clusters of learning areas for year levels around their very own team of teachers.


The Terrace Precinct features Creative and Productive Technology Centres and a Performing Arts Centre that hosts developmentally appropriate instrumentation and experiences.


Our state of the art Discovery Centre invites the learner into the wonderful world of books and multimedia and is a continuation of the technology theme that is reflected across the College.

Years 10, 11 and 12

Our senior campus, referred to as the Urban Learning Centre (ULC) opened its doors to our first group of Year 11 students in 2007.

The ULC is a university style Senior Schooling complex featuring a range of industry standard facilities including Industrial Kitchens, Engineering, Furnishings and Manufacturing Workshops as well as a dedicated Art Gallery.

In the senior school, students are given the opportunity to achieve their aspirations and reach their potential through a negotiated program that is developed to meet their needs.

Students are able to access a great range of senior subjects, Nationally Recognised Certificate Courses through TAFE, the College or other private providers as well as early entry University programs to ensure that they are successful in achieving their goals.

In 2010, the year 10 cohort formally moved its centre of learning to the Urban Learning Centre, bringing together for the first time our entire senior sub school onto one campus.

The campus now boasts the annexure of the Pathways building, with the refurbished first floor providing eleven large, air-conditioned classrooms. The extensive re-fit of the ground floor offers sound attenuated dance and drama studios, a senior research centre and five flexible classroom spaces opening into this centre.

Students enjoy access to an Internet Cafe, large undercover areas equipped with outdoor furniture, Sports Hall and the College enjoys exclusive access to the Town Common during school hours.



Performing Arts Centre


In 2007, North Lakes State College opened its multi-million dollar air conditioned Performing Arts Complex which houses dance, music, drama, choirs and instrumental music, on the main campus. The Arts at North Lakes State College has established itself as a distinctive feature of our college with quality programs and opportunities for all students.


Sporting Facilities


North Lakes State College is quickly gaining a reputation for sporting excellence. To support this essential part of our program the college has a full sized Sports Stadium, a mini Sports Stadium and two full sized ovals. In 2008, 8 floodlit multi purpose courts and tennis courts were built as well as cricket practice nets, a cricket pitch and a touch football field. Included in this project were storage facilities, shading and wheelchair access.



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