Dress Code



Our Full Uniform with Pride

A consistent presence of full uniform is a very powerful way to create a sense of pride and community. “A Full Uniform with Pride Policy” was considered and endorsed by the Parent’s and Citizen’s Association during our foundation and has been fully embraced by our community ever since. With little to no exception, our proud students present in our full college uniform every day and are a credit to themselves, their parents and their college.

Our school colours of jade, purple, navy and white combine to create a vibrant and distinctive look. Our policy seeks full support from parents to ensure their child is dressed every day in full college uniform, including white socks, black shoes and a college hat, as designated by year level.

Our summer uniform consists of a unisex polo shirt that may be worn out over shorts, skorts and skirts. There are two styles of shorts to choose from, the navy drill long style short with side leg pockets or the more casual knit short. A navy full brim hat is to be worn for students from Prep to Year 6, and a cap may be worn by students in Years 7 to 12. We want to ensure all students are protected from the sun. (See the link at the end of this article for combinations of uniform pieces).

Our winter range is comprised of three unisex items including a taslon track suit, fleecy track suit and a knitted jumper or cardigan. All winter items are colour coded to duplicate the colours and design of our polo shirt, thus maintaining our strong North Lakes State College uniform identity.

Plain white socks (with no colour trims or logos), plain black leather joggers/shoes and matching hair ties. Nothing other than the colour black and a closed in style is specified for the shoes. We recommend that parents ensure students have black leather joggers as a minimum. If you choose to select the more formal black leather shoe, please do so only in addition to black joggers as these are required for physical education and sport.

All specific uniform items may be purchased from the Uniform Shop for your convenience.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure a strong commitment to our “Full Uniform with Pride Policy" prevails and that clearly understood processes support commitment and compliance.

Our "Full Uniform with Pride" is achieved by:

  • Uniform items only being worn daily -( with exception on negotiated special occasions)
  • One of two of the College's uniforms hats are worn when students are outdoors
  • Plain black, closed in leather shoes with sensible heels - no splashes of colour
  • Plain white socks -    socks are to be above the ankle with no splashes of colour or logos, sockettes or low profile sport socks are not permitted
  • No jewellery - with the exception of plain earrings (one per ear), watches, medical alert bracelets or necklaces and cultural/religious symbols worn, held within the shirt or blouse

Checking of uniform is a daily process for teachers. For details on this process, click on the link at the bottom of this article.
The College maintains an extensive supply of laundered uniforms and students in obviously non-uniform items will be required to change into these for the day. Loaned uniforms will be exchanged for the students non -uniform items at the end of the day.


Download our Uniform policy (pdf)